Welcome to the Community $PAC Fund...

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Welcome to the Community $PAC Fund...

Post by CB » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:51 pm

This fund will only be as successful as the community members using the funds available!

It's a good job we have such a great community, with many talented individuals.

You'll see a few different sections around the place that have gone a little bit above and beyond the original spec of my proposal.

There's an upload section where you can put your pictures, materials, files for other users to then download for themselves to use.

After speaking to various people, it seemed a lot of people have great ideas but don't have the capabilities to carry out the execution to make their ideas come to life.

It is also being said how people would like to accept $PAC or pay with $PAC for items, whilst we all wait for ........
So I decided to include a little Community Hub section, this is where you can do exactly those things.

There's a Services Wanted/Services Offered section and also a Buy/Sell/Trade section, these areas are all done on a "DYOR" theory, the Community $PAC Fund can not and will not be held responsible for any issues arising from deals falling through or $PAC being lost between members.

We COULD offer an escrow/"middleman" service where we receive funds and hold onto it until both parties are happy, then we release the funds to the end destination.
(a small 2% fee would be charged for said service).

But as I say, the fund and it's application is only as good as you lot out there, so good luck with your mini-proposals and let's see some great ideas come to life!